PFAN adds Zurich Assure, Interprac and Sequoia to adviser network


Sydney, 31 May: The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN) is pleased to announce Zurich Assure, Interprac and Sequoia have joined the PFAN adviser network, supporting advisers to deliver pro bono advice to people living with a personal health crisis.

Established in 2014, PFAN is a trusted network of industry professionals who are focused on providing pro bono financial advice to those in need. Currently, PFAN works with the Multiple Sclerosis network throughout Australia, connecting individuals through referral partners to locally based advisers. Advisers registered with PFAN are given the opportunity to take on one pro bono client per year.

PFAN Chair Nicola Beswick said she is delighted that Zurich Assure, Inteprac and Sequoia have joined the PFAN network to help improve the financial wellbeing of people in need.

“Our mission is to help improve the financial wellbeing of Australian’s living with serious illness or disability, by providing pro bono financial advice, and to inspire others to do the same. Through our PFAN adviser network, we’re able to connect advisers with people who need financial advice assistance and are experiencing significant financial hardship because of a personal health crisis.

“Having the support from trusted brands like Zurich Assure, InterPrac and Sequoia enables us to service more clients and ultimately extend our services to others that need our assistance. We also hope to inspire the next generation of advisers and increase awareness of the value that we bring to others through our profession.”

As a market leader in helping advised clients to navigate the insurance claims process, Zurich Assure has offered its support and assistance to the PFAN community.

Head of Zurich Assure Sandhya Maini said: “Recent research conducted by Zurich shows that in the event of an illness or injury impacting their primary income, almost 40 per cent of individuals would only have sufficient financial resources for up to two weeks. In addition, one in three people indicated they had no financial backup plan in these circumstances.

“Seeking and obtaining the right advice at the right time can make a significant and positive difference. For this reason, and consistent with our values as an organisation, Zurich remains committed to helping those most in need.”

Through PFAN, InterPrac and Sequoia’s network of advisers can now register their interest in providing pro bono financial advice.

InterPrac CEO Garry Crole said: “InterPrac and Sequoia are pleased to support those who need advice the most, by participating in this program. In our opinion, the best investment any one can make, is to appoint a financial planner or wealth coach.”

Feedback from advisers who have signed up to the PFAN network have expressed the importance of giving back by offering their professional services in kind to those who need it the most.
Sovereign Advisors Managing Director Zaheer Lalani said: “As trusted professionals in the business of providing financial advice, it is not only suggested but incumbent on us all to share our time and knowledge with those who need us most.”

Border Financial Advice Managing Director Tom Border said: “I understand that financial literacy isn’t necessarily accessible to everyone – it can be costly and involve complicated concepts and legislation. I would like to use the knowledge I’ve gained over 25 years in the industry to help others.”

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