The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network

We are a trusted network of passionate professionals who help Australians living with a personal health crisis and experiencing significant financial hardship to improve their financial wellbeing.

Our mission is to improve the financial wellbeing of Australians living with serious illness and/or disability and experiencing significant financial harship through providing pro bono financial advice, and to inspire others to do the same.


We are there for Australians living with Multiple Sclerosis and other serious illnesses or disabilities who cannot afford or access financial advice

Financial wellbeing

We make a positive difference to improve the sense of security for pro bono financial advice clients.


We have the network and the experience to provide quality, expert financial advice assistance.

I need financial advice

PFAN currently assists individuals, carers and families referred to by our charity partner Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Limited and MS Queensland.

I am a financial adviser

If you’re a registered financial adviser who wants to make a difference and help people in need then you’ve come to the right place! To apply to join the PFAN network simply complete the application form and we’ll be in touch.

My advice to people who need help with their finances is not to be embarrassed about it if you have no idea, just start. That’s what I did and it was humbling to realise how much I didn’t have in place. My adviser Nicola stepped through everything with me, explained concepts clearly and backed everything up with emails. I now have my finances sorted. Thank you Nicola, PFAN and MS Australia for providing this service.


Client, Pro Bono Financial Advice Network

It’s pleasing to see we are connecting individuals who are living with MS, who cannot otherwise afford or access financial advice. We have much to do, to continue to promote the significant difference that financial advice can make, and to inspire advisers and partners to join us on our important mission.

Nicola Beswick headshot

Nicola Beswick

Chair, Pro Bono Financial Advice Network Chair and Senior Financial Adviser, FMD

Now more than ever, as those economic and financial effects impact increasing numbers of Australians, the support of financial advisers can play an invaluable role in helping people navigate the challenges ahead and improve the course of many peoples’ lives.

Niall McConville

Director, Pro Bono Financial Advice Network and General Manager Retail Distribution, TAL