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6 April 2023 AFA Financial Adviser Magazine

This is why we do what we do

The dedicated advisers who are part of PFAN make a real and life-changing difference to individuals living with a personal health crisis. PFAN recently interviewed Behram Ali, Financial Adviser and Senior Paraplanner at Curo Financial Services Pty Ltd, to hear about why he supports PFAN and how he is helping change lives.

30 March 2022 Adviser Ratings

The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network giving back to those who need it most

Helping people is in our DNA as financial advisers. Every day we talk to people about their goals, aspirations, dreams and put together a blueprint to help them (in a financial sense) convert these into reality.

17 October 2021 Professional Planner

Pro Bono Advice Network takes on new chair, new direction

Non-profit outfit the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN) has taken on a new, more broad-based approach to its operations in an effort to enlist a greater swathe of advisers to join its cause in helping more Australians in crisis gain access to financial advice.

7 October 2021 Adviser Voice

Pro Bono Financial Advice Network appoints new chair, deputy

The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN) is pleased to announce the appointment of existing Board members, Nicola Beswick as Chair, and Natalie Kleibert as Deputy Chair.

19 November 2021 FS Advice Financial Standard

Giving your time and expertise to help people in need

At this year’s Association of Financial Advisers’ conference, I talked about a lovely lady I assisted who came to me through the network. Her story highlights the small difference we can make, as advisers.

15 March 2023 Adviser Ratings

Pro Bono: Advisers meet demand as the cost crisis continues

As Australians increasingly struggle with the cost of living, demand for pro bono advice is on the rise. We spoke with the chair of the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN), Nicola Beswick, about how advisers can get more involved.

2 February 2022 Money Management

Pro bono work would boost public’s perception of advice

Many consumers are unaware of the financial benefits available to them and helping them understand this via pro bono work would boost’s the public’s perception of financial advice

11 October 2021 Riskinfo

New chair and deputy for Pro Bono Financial Advice Network

A statement from the organisation says that Beswick and Kleibert will be responsible for leading PFAN into the next phase of its purpose – improving the financial wellbeing of Australians living with serious illness and/or disability by providing pro bono advice

6 October 2021 Investor Daily

Pro Bono Financial Advice Network names new chair, deputy chair

PFAN said that Ms Beswick and Ms Kleibert would lead its efforts in improving the financial wellbeing of Australians living with a serious illness and/or disability.

6 October 2021 Money Management

Pro Bono Financial Advice Network appoints chair

The Pro Bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN) has appointed existing board members Nicola Beswick as chair, and Natalie Kleibert as deputy chair.

24 August 2020 Riskinfo

The value of pro bono advice

TAL’s Niall McConville is advocating the importance of pro-bono work done by advisers and is encouraging more advisers to get involved. McConville, who is TAL’s General Manager of Retail Distribution and a Board Director of the Pro Bono Financial Advice Network says that: “To make a gift of your personal expertise is…

3 September 2014 Professional Planner

Pro bono Financial Advice Network to give something back, lift standing of profession back to the community

A fundamental commitment to providing the community with access to pro bono services is a hallmark of every trusted and respected profession, and the newly formed Pro Bono Financial Advice Network